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Scan: Promise & Betrayal cover

One copy $7

Each Additional Copy $6

Promise and Betrayal: Voices from the Struggle for Women’s Emancipation, 1776-1920 is a dramatic reading with music. Created by Carol Hanisch. History told in the words of those who made it. Includes a chronology and source list. 5.5 x 8.5, 44 pages + cover.

“Much of Promise and Betrayal focuses on the momentous split that occurred when black men were granted the vote, while their sisters were not…. But [it] also touches on hot topics such as birth control, womanliness, dress reform and marriage, in lively discussions designed to entertain and enlighten. Modern conflicts lend relevance and resonance…as the past echoes the present.” – Syd M. Woodstock Times, 4/4/1997


Scan: Frankly Feminist book cover

One copy $10

Each Additional Copy $7

Frankly Feminist is a compilation of columns, articles, book reviews and letters by Carol Hanisch, which appeared in the Hudson Valley Woman from 1991-1995. They cover such topics of the day as single moms, welfare and jobs, rape, O.J. Simpson, “bra-burning,” feminist language, and history.

“The author of Frankly Feminist expresses herself with the utmost seriousness and fairness—and a directness that does not get lost in chatter. Her clear roar: Never abandon the fight for equality and justice.” – From the introduction by Anna Antonelli, Hudson Valley Woman Editor, 1990-1995

Scan: Feminst Revolution book cover

Cloth. Includes censored section.

1 copy $18

Each Additional Copy $15

Feminist Revolution, self-published by Redstockings in 1975, was brought out by Random House in an abridged (censored) version with additional writings in 1978. It is a serious analysis of why and how the WLM became cut off from its radical roots and lost its forward radical momentum. Editors: Kathie Sarachild, Carol Hanisch, Faye Levine, Barbara Leon, Colette Price. This is the out-of-print Random House hardback version with the censored section (mostly about Gloria Steinem’s past ties with the CIA) supplied free with your book order. 224 pages. 8.5 x 11.

scan of Fight on Sisters Songbook cover

One copy $2

Each Additional Copy $2

Fight on Sisters…and Other Songs for Liberation offers 12 original songs with an introduction by Sis Cunningham where she wrote, “Carol Hanisch writes–and sings–very plainly what she means, and there’s no fuzzing up the issues, the main one being that women have got to get together and throw off the deep fears of doing something (or leaving something undone), saying something (or leaving something unsaid) which might offend or upset the man who’s been kind of running her life.”  The afterword by Carol Hanisch was recently included in the “Songs of Social Conscience” exhibition in the new Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

scan of Meeting Ground cover

15 issues of the journal

Each set $30

Each Additional Set $25

Meeting Ground was a journal founded by Carol Hanisch with Barbara Leon as consulting editor. The price includes all of the 15 issues it published irregularly between 1977 and 1991 to “provide an ongoing place to hammer out ideas about theory, strategy and tactics for the women’s liberation movement and for the general radical movement of working men and women.” Picking up where Feminist Revolution left off, it covered a wide range of critical issues in the WLM and other movements struggling to “keep on keeping on” after the explosive 1960s and early 1970s.


T Shirt: Equal Pay with Men and Bosses!

T shirt: black and yellow on red background

M, L $7 each

Equal Pay with Men and Bosses! This T-shirt was designed and distributed by the Women’s Liberation Front.

Button: Abort Guilt

One button $1

Each Additional $.50

The one-and-a-half inch button reads: “Abort Guilt. Abortion on Demand for the liberation of women.” It was designed and produced by the Women’s Liberation Front for a March on Washington to defend women’s right to abortion.

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